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BABAO Documents

BABAO is extremely active in many areas of biological anthropology and osteoarchaeology, and as such has contributed to a number of important documents and made responses on behalf of the Membership and the subject when required. This section also includes guidance as to how best to utilise the BABAO mailing list.

Ethics and Standards

BABAO has been working hard to create a Code of Ethics and a Code of Practice which presents general guidelines for ethical practice in relation to the handling, storage and analysis of human remains from archaeological sites.

These guidelines also cover aspects of decisions relating to retention, reburial and repatriation.

International Journals

Some of the journals that are relevant to our discipline.

BABAO Annual Reviews

The annuals reviews of what our membership has been up to!

Reburial and Repatriation

In keeping with current Ministry of Justice guidelines, the British Association of Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology (BABAO) encourages the archiving rather than reburial of archaeological human remains, whether encountered in planned excavation or as a result of chance discovery. BABAO can provide professional assessments on the potential of collections in cases where reburial is considered, and guidance and support with regard to the deposition/curation of human remains in appropriate repositories that will help to ensure their retention for study to the benefit of present and future generations.

Receiving Skeletal Collections

BABAO acknowledges the value and importance of proper curation of human skeletal collections from archaeological contexts, as well as those from former anatomical collections. Correct storage in appropriate facilities is crucial to the success of ongoing and future research involving such collections.