Between 2020-2021 BABAO underwent an EDI review by Dr Jason Arday.

The scope of the review

The EDI review aimed to help us reflect upon current practices and activities by BABAO, identify the association’s strengths and weaknesses as a means of both engaging and supporting all of our current members, and deliver our charitable objectives to promote biological anthropology and osteoarchaeology outside of the membership. The review focussed on issues identified by members through the EDI survey, the 2020 SGM, and a variety of other conversations. These included, particularly, equality, diversity and inclusion based on race, disability and caring roles.

The review identified strategies that BABAO can implement that offer the best opportunity to address inequalities that exist within and beyond the organisation.

The universal aim of the review was to ensure BABAO is doing everything within its power to create an inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment for all members and allocating its resources in the most effective ways to address the needs of our current and future membership.

Participation and consultation

During the review online focus groups were run, which combined the three main themes of race, caring and disability - hosted by Jason and members of the EDI sub-group to enable you to ask questions and make suggestions. Questions used to direct the focus groups were shared with members as a short survey to ensure those who are unable to attend focus groups, or prefer to communicate in writing, were able to do so. Contributions to the review were also welcomed at any time during the process.

Expense to BABAO

The fee for the review was £10,000. As a part of this Jason has formally agreed as part of BABAO widening participation agenda to financially support two members from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds to attend the BABAO Annual Conference 2021. 

You can view the final review here