The following people currently serve as the Board of Trustees for The British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology.


Charlotte Roberts


Charlotte Roberts

President (2019‒2020)

E-mail: c.a.roberts[at]

Charlotte is a full Professor in Archaeology at Durham University (since 2000).

A State Registered Nurse initially (1975-8), she has a BA in Archaeological Studies (Leicester - 1979-1982), a MA Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy (Sheffield - 1983), and a PhD (bioarchaeology/medical history - Bradford 1988). She was elected as a fellow of the British Academy in 2014. Her key research interests lie in: contextual approaches to past human health (palaeopathology); ethics and human remains; contemporary health; evolutionary approaches to the origin and history of infectious diseases; big data projects in palaeopathology. She also does a wide range of public engagement work (exhibitions, talks, MOOC). 

She was a BABAO Committee Member 1999-2000, President 2015-2018, and has taken on the role for another year (2018-2019). She co-hosted the BABAO conference at Durham University in 2001 and 2014, was a working party member for the BABAO Ethics and Practice Policies 2010 and for the 1st editions of the recording standards (Brickley and McKinley 2004).

Job Description

The President's role broadly involves:

  • Chairing 3 committee meetings each year (November, February and June), and the AGM at the Annual September conference - checking agendas and minutes, addressing actions.
  • Leading e-mail discussions amongst the committee about problems that arise between meetings. 
  • Making sure actions highlighted from committee meetings are progressed
  • Helping to identify and approaching suitable people for committee posts
  • Identifying future conference venues and approaching hosts
  • Writing the BABAO responses to national level items of relevance
  • Coordinating the writing of letters of various kinds from the Committee
  • Writing a piece for the Annual BABAO Review
  • Defining a vision for where the association should be by the end of the 3 year post, and working with the committee to achieve key goals.