The following people currently serve as the Board of Trustees for The British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology.

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Rebecca Cadbury-Simmons

Outreach Officer

Rebecca Cadbury-Simmons

Outreach Officer (2020‒)


Rebecca is a PhD student at the University of Bradford focussing on disarticulated human remains. Her research is funded by the North of England Consortium for Arts and Humanities (NECAH). She is researching burial practices that lead to disarticulation and applying statistical analysis to draw new interpretations. Rebecca did her BSc Archaeology also at Bradford (2010-2014) before doing her MSc Palaeopathology at Durham University (2014-2015). She also works part-time at Northern Archaeological Associates (NAA) as Community and Outreach Officer, a position which was full-time prior to the commencement of her PhD. She has also previously worked for NAA as an Environmental Assistant and as Community and Heritage Officer at the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.


Job Description

The post holder is responsible for the development and implementation of public engagement. Main duties will include:

  • searching for, organising and advertising outreach events association members can take part in
  • liaising with local and international BABAO members who wish to partake in outreach events
  • purchasing and maintaining a collection of outreach materials, including animal bones, plastic casts of human skeletons, dental casts and printed guides on skeletal anatomy and osteological methods
  • posting updates on outreach activities on traditional and social media
  • promoting awareness of good practice and ethics within our disciplines when presenting at public communication events