The following people currently serve as the Board of Trustees for The British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology.

Katie F

Katie Faillace

Student Representative

Katie Faillace (she/her/hers)

Student Representative (2019‒)

E-mail: faillaceke[at]

Katie is working on her PhD at Cardiff University, examining population affinity and migration in Wessex (UK) from the Iron Age through the Early Medieval period using dental traits. She previously received a BSc in Archaeology from Cardiff University (2015) and MS in Forensic Anthropology from Boston University (2017). 

In addition to her role as Student Representative to BABAO, Katie is the treasurer of the Cardiff University Society for Women Graduates and a teacher within Cardiff University’s School of Continuing and Professional Education. She has also contributed to projects with the Mary Rose remains, the “Pirate Cliff” excavation in Monknash, and consultant work with commercial archaeologists in Wales and beyond. 

Please do get in touch with Katie for any student related questions or concerns!

Job Description

The student representative is responsible for ensuring the interests of BABAO’s student community are represented in our organisation and making their opinions and suggestions known during the committee meetings. The student rep is a port of call for students with questions about our community. Furthermore, the representative administers the Facebook group, which provides a platform of communication between the student members.