The following people currently serve as the Board of Trustees for The British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology.

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Gina McFarlane


Gina McFarlane

Treasurer (2021‒)

E-mail: G.P.McFarlane[@]

Gina is currently a Leverhulme Trust postdoctoral researcher at the University of Kent. She is involved in the Biorhythms of Childhood Growth project investigating links between a biorhythm evident in dental histology and variation in childhood growth rates.

Gina completed her PhD in bioarchaeology at the University of Auckland, (2018). Her thesis used a life course approach to explore relationships between childhood stress and adult longevity in Londoners who lived during the Industrial Revolution. After completing her PhD, she worked as a consultant osteologist, recording and analysing prehistoric Māori remains. Gina also has experience teaching human osteology, palaeopathology as well as quantitative methods used in anthropology.

In general, her research interests surround aspects of growth and development in past people, with a particular interest in teeth that spans from enamel formation (and its ability to record stress episodes) to dental pathologies.

Job Description

The treasurer oversees the full range of financial affairs of the Association. This comprises a range of general and specific tasks:


  • Ensure the finances of the organization are managed within the law and by the requirements of a UK charity
  • Ensure the organization manages its finances in the best interest of members, feeding income back into charitable activities for their benefit and the pursuance of our charitable purposes (e.g. to promote biological anthropology)
  • Ensure proper records are kept of all transactions
  • Monitor and report on the financial health of the organization at meetings and when required
  • Oversee the production of necessary financial reports. This comprises periodic ‘state of finances reports’ presented at committee meetings, an annual report presented at the AGM and a yearly account report submitted to the Charities Commission.


  • Manage the two bank accounts (current and reserve) with NatWest. Act as signatory for cheques, manage access to online banking, hold a debit card in their own and the charities name, provide an address for the delivery of paper statements
    • Keep all paper financial records of the organization, including receipts for payments, should the organization be audited
    • Keep all digital financial records of the organization
    • Manage the PayPal account
    • Manage the treasurer[at] email account
    • Make fellow committee members aware of their financial obligations and take a lead in interpreting financial data to them
    • Regularly report the financial position at committee meetings (balance sheet, cash flow, fundraising performance etc).
    • Ensure proper records are kept and that effective financial procedures and controls are in place, ie:
      • Cheque signatories
      • Purchasing limits
      • Purchasing systems
      • Others as appropriate
    • Appraising the financial viability of plans, proposals and feasibility studies