Liverpool John Moore's 2017 BABAO Conference Awards

Jane Moore Podium Prize

1. Sarah-Louise Decrausaz (& Jane Williams, Mary Fewtrell, Megan Shirley, Jay Stock, Jonathan Wells), University of Cambridge, Hard tissue, soft tissue: An examination of the associations between body composition and pelvic dimensions in girls and women living in London.

2. Ana Curto (& Terersa Fernandes, Anne-France Maurer, Cristina Dias, Geraldine Fahy), University of Kent, Stable isotope dietary comparison between apparently healthy individuals and those affected by infectious pathologies from medieval Tomar, Portugal.

Bill White Poster Prize

1. Chris Aris (& Chris Deter, Patrick Mahoney), University of Kent, First histological evidence for a change in tooth enamel growth rates in ancient Britain.

2. Anna Davis-Barrett (& Charlotte Roberts, Daniel Antoine), Durham University, A new method for recording and presenting the true prevalence of rib lesions related to respiratory disease.

Kent's 2016 BABAO Conference Awards

Jane Moore Podium Prize

1. Simon Chapple (& Patrick Mahoney), University of Kent, Tooth enamel biorhythm corresponds with modern human adult stature and body mass.

2. Felicia Fricke, University of Kent, Osteology in the Caribbean: Ethical, Theoretical, and Practical Considerations.

Bill White Poster Prize

1. Anna Barrett (& Pia Nystrom), University of Sheffield, Durham University, The British Museum, Why water matters: Investigating the effects of site hydrology on the diagenetic alteration of bone.

2. Kayla Crowder (& Janet Montgomery, Darren Grocke, Kori Filipek-Ogden), Durham University, Lesions and isotopes: an integrated study of childhood metabolic stress and stable isotope life histories in the Kingdom of the Gepids.

Sheffield's 2015 BABAO Conference Awards

Jane Moore Podium Prize

1. Lukas Waltenberger (Bornemouth University), Stabbed and Burnt - Reliability of Cut Marks.

Bill White Poster Prize

1. Eóin Parkinson (FRAGSUS, QUeen's University Belfast), The Brochtorff-Xaghra Circle Digitising Project

2. Ruth O'Donoghue (University of Bradford), An Evaluation of Isotopic Information Provided by Subadult Teeth in 19th Century London Populations.

Durham's 2014 BABAO Conference Awards

Jane Moore Podium Prize

1. A. Jay van der Reijden (University College London), A renewed classification system for cultural dental modification.

2. Maria Lahtinen (Durham University), Use of aquatic resources in the Bothnian Bay, North Baltic Sea – A case study of the Iin Hamina.

Bill White Poster Prize

1. Alison Atkin (University of Sheffield), The attritional mortality myth: A catastrophic error with demography.

2. Jenna Dittmar (& Piers M. Mitchell), University of Cambridge, New criteria for identifying and differentiating human dissection and autopsy in archaeological assemblages.