The Jane Moore Prize

The prize awarded at the BABAO annual conference for the best student podium presentation is given in memory of Jane Moore. Jane was a BABAO member who sadly died in March 2004.



The Bill White Prize

The prize awarded at the BABAO annual conference for the best student poster presentation is given in memory of Bill White. Bill was a wonderful BABAO member who sadly died in 2011.



Bill White 006

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BABAO Research Project Grants

BABAO offers funding grants for research projects which are available annually, by competition. The competition is open to ALL members of the association.

Two types of grants are available. One type is reserved for research in the contract sector, up to £1,500 (commercial). The other is reserved for the academic sector, up to £1,000. The higher sum available for the commercial sector is to cover the cost of buying out time from their company, to allow sufficient free time to conduct the research. Applications for more than these sums will not be considered. The number of grants awarded each year will depend upon the quality of applications and the state of the association’s finances.

These grants may be used to support research in biological anthropology and osteoarchaeology, both to undertake the research directly, and to commission specialist services required in the course of the research project. They may not be used to fund conference attendance. Specialist equipment required to undertake a project is unlikely to be funded unless it is highly specific to the research project, and, if this is the case, the applicant must also demonstrate that the funds could not reasonably be obtained from other sources (such as the developer). The grant should be for a discrete piece of research, or distinct component of a wider research project, and not just a contribution towards general living expenses during a PhD.

If students apply they should specifically state how this grant application relates to other sources of funding for their course. If their PhD is unfunded applying for a grant to support discrete, freestanding components of their PhD is reasonable. However, if their PhD is funded, they must specifically state why extra money in the form of this grant is required. If the proposal is not clear on this point it is likely to count against the application.

Applicants must be paid-up members of BABAO by the 31st of January of the current year. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they have paid their subscription in full by the deadline, and applications from lapsed members, or members whose subscription for the current year is still outstanding in full or partially will not be considered.

It is appreciated that an applicant may apply to other funding bodies to fund the same topic as their BABAO grant application. However, it is imperative that they inform the BABAO committee immediately if they receive sufficient funding from another source before the BABAO grant competition is decided. It is unethical and unjust to accept a grant for a research project that has already been fully funded from other sources.

The closing date for receipt of applications for the current year is 5 pm (UK time) on the 9th May 2016. Applications, complete with a 2 page summary CV, must be sent electronically to the Grants Secretary. Please save the files as a .pdf, under your surname (e.g. , JonesApplication.pdf and JonesCV.pdf) and not as BABAOapplication.pdf.

Further information and guidance can be found here.
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Grant proposals will then be reviewed by the committee. Notification will be given to the applicants, the BABAO e-mail list and the BABAO webpage.

Grant winners are expected to present their research at the BABAO conference within the 2 years following the award (so 2016 grant winners are expected to give either a paper or a poster at the 2017 or 2018 conference).